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Starting its business life in 1978, Orhun Kimya manufactures paste, varnish, paints and epoxy resins from high quality imported raw materials. Adopting customer satisfaction and product quality as a company principle, Orhun Kimya, always struggles to offer the best product with a reasonable price. With extensive R&D activities our company aims to be the foremost manufacturer of miscellaneous isolation varnishes and epoxy resins.
Epoxy is resistant to water, acids and alkali. It does not lose its resistance over time. Thanks to its strong adhesion property, it has become a preferred material especially in the construction sector. Epoxy has a wide range of colors. Due to its antibacterial properties, it is preferred as a floor covering in health institutions. It is suitable for general application areas with its anti-slip feature. It eliminates the poor visual appearance of the floor, giving a glossy, matte or semi-matte appearance to your preference. We are ready to help you with flooring, insulation and industrial paint. You can reach us via our contact tab.
Polexchem Choice of Exclusive Brands Our company manufacturing polyurethane systems was established in 1999 on 10.000m2 closed area. P.U. systems and components (polyester resine, polyol, propolymer and catalyst systems) by Polexchem are manufactured in the facility. Our annual capasity is 20.000 ton and we manufacture polyurethane systems for shoes, slippers and sole plates. You need a good partner for quality shoes and slippers; Polexchem Apart from Turkey we export our products to East Europe, Middle East and North Africa countries and continue to expand our market share with renewal and investments. Through our targets, we extend our product range and follow new technologies. We treasure the most aftersale services and customer satistfaction and make our evolution with your support and suggestions. This is based on our customer relations at R&D, manufacturing phase and aftersale services. Polexchem is the first manufacturing Polyurethane systems in Turkey. At products of Polexchem being the first manufacturer of poylurethane systems in Turkey, you can find technology, scientific and high-quality workforce. Besides our quick services, customer oriented works and quality with reasonable prices are the basic choices. P.U. systems are controlled by expert teams, necessary analysis are done and presented to the customers. Our goal is to help manufacturers to keep work loss low and increase their manufacturing quality and productivity.
Since 1983, Kimteks Kimya Tekstil Urunleri Sanayi ve Ticaret A.S. has been supplying raw materials to different industries such as artificial leather, sole, rubber, adhesive and paint. In 1999, Kimteks, with a "Polyurethane System House" investment, started the production, sales and distribution of the main production groups: Footwear, Flexible Foam, Rigid Foam and Case Systems. Kimteks has been growing every year and has been one of the most important product suppliers in the industries it has been operating in. At the end of 2015, Kimteks, with its 36-year experience, decided to split into two companies within two different business lines: Kimteks Kimya & Kimteks Polyurethane. While Kimteks Kimya continues in the business lines of distributorship and trading, Kimteks Polyurethane, continues the production and sales operations performed within the scope of "Polyurethane System House", as a leading firm in the industry with its new structure in all processes. Being the first and wholly-domestic polyurethane system manufacturer, it continues to provide tailor-made solutions through its technology and R&D investments. With its new brand name "KIMPUR", Kimteks Polyurethane's quality and service approach keystones are continuous improvement, investment in human resources, ability to adapt to change, and strong communication networks with its all stakeholders. It's Kimpur's principle to achieve these goals without compromising the environment, human health and ethical values. KIMPUR aims to maintain its success and leading position in the industry by primarily focusing on the satisfaction of its suppliers, customers and employees.
Selena Group is a global manufacturer and distributor of a wide range of construction chemicals for professional contractors and home users. The Group comprises 30 subsidiary companies and state of the art manufacturing plants which produce polyurethane foams, sealants, adhesives, ETICS components and waterproofing materials. Established in 1992, Selena was one of the pioneers offering modern construction chemicals on the Polish market. Today, Selena Group employs more than 1700 people and is among the top three manufacturers of one component polyurethane foam in the world. Our effective distribution network covering Europe, Asia, North & South America reaches 42 000 customers and millions of end users all over the world. Thanks to an integrated research & development function with laboratories in Poland, Spain, Turkey and China, Selena invests in innovative solutions that change the way we build for the better, and continuously expands its product portfolio. The global experience gained in diverse local markets allows the Selena Group to develop fast and to create solutions tailored to the needs of the users. Manufacturing plants located in Poland, Spain, China, South Korea, Brazil, Turkey, Romania and Kazakhstan cater to the growing demand for Selena products.